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Letter to the Editor: Grown-up ingrates also spit on privilege

on May 08, 2014 10:20 AM

In her April 27 column, “The golden platter of privilege, spat upon by ingrates,” Christine Flowers made good sense in her diatribe aimed at “preppies” who abused their privileged status. What they did, however, became an issue for Flowers as it relates to their ruining their own lives and those of their peers in the “preppy” Main Line of educational elites. In that regard, she was looking inward to the problems she felt this “banal” activity, as she described it, had been brought down upon their own heads.

She failed to delve into the “greed” factor as it relates to society as a whole. Drug dealing is a problem for all of society, whether in the inner city or on the Main Line. Her complaint seems to be that these privileged ones had no need to be greedy, seeing as how their lives had already provided material satisfaction.

At this point, it would be instructive to consider that the greed factor as motivator for those who would seem to hurt themselves is also a motivator to hurt others exponentially.

Consider the few ingrates identified by Flowers and expand that a hundred-fold, or even a thousand-fold, to include a great number of the privileged former “preppies” who have risen to positions of power and have succumbed to the greed factor in their decisions that affect millions of people.

Yes, let’s talk about minimum wages, health benefits and dignified retirements. Let’s talk about the environment, about paying taxes to support our government, including our troops, about lending a helping hand to those who have not been provided a golden platter of privilege.

There would seem to be a lot of ingrates who have spat upon their privileged platters if we include all of those who feel no need to reach down to help lift up those who have not been so fortunate. There is more than just drug dealing that can hurt people.

Flowers, as I said, made some good points, but it needed to be expanded to look outward, not only inward toward the sad comeuppance of some of the privileged few. And no, that is not class warfare.

Don Skillin


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