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Letter to the Editor: Halvorson's campaign message resonates

on April 13, 2014 1:50 AM

I am amazed at the number of mailings I have received from Congressman Bill Shuster’s campaign. However, I seem to be learning more about his opponent, Art Halverson, than I am about Shuster.

Why would Shuster’s campaign spend so much to tell us about his opponent, instead of telling us about him? I’m left to believe that there must not be anything worth telling. And perhaps, that is enough to know.

But it got me wondering. What is it about Halverson that makes the Shuster campaign so worried? Why must they attack him so viciously?

I checked what they were saying at According to them, what Shuster’s campaign said in those mailings was “simply wrong.”

I hate politics. I really do. But I love the people.

The taxpayers I know are good, God-fearing, hardworking and honest people. They deserve to be represented by the same. I believe in term limits. I don’t believe in politicians who make a lifelong living off of the back of taxpayers who will never even come close to the luxury “bestowed” upon our politicians. A luxury they have bestowed upon themselves from health care to pensions that are bankrupting “we the taxpayer.”

I am outraged when I hear that Shuster would even consider a vehicle mileage tax. “Big Brother” tracking every mile I drive, just so he can tax me?

As a mother of three active boys who must be driven all over the county to participate in activities, I can’t even imagine the impact this would have on other working families struggling just to feed their families.

Here’s a novel idea: Find a way to generate revenues that encourage job growth and reward industries that are providing good-paying jobs to Pennsylvania workers. Give somebody a reason to come to Pennsylvania!

Shuster is in the fight of his life because he wants to maintain the status quo. Obviously, the “luxuries” of his office are well worth fighting for. After all, he’s a second-generation politician. But I say that 40 years of a Shuster is long enough. We must ensure that our legislators serve the people, not themselves.

Art Halverson’s statement on his website says this:

“It’s time to restore the government to the people. Let’s work together to control government spending, repeal government health care, achieve energy independence and create opportunities for individuals and businesses to grow.”

I like the sound of that.

Lori Marshall


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