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Letter to the Editor: How state can cut budget

on June 22, 2014 1:50 AM

On Tuesday, there were two articles in the Gazette that really got me thinking.

The front page had an article headlined, “Lawmakers prepare for delayed vote on budget.” On Page 7 was an article headlined, “Three inmates set for execution.” Of course, these would not take place in Pennsylvania.

I have a few ideas that might help our state government cut back on the budget.

1) All of our politicians need to take a large cut in pay and live like the normal taxpayers who have to “make do” with what they have.

2) All of the criminals on death row need to be put out of their misery. Example: John Lesko and Michael Travaglia have been on Pennsylvania’s death row since the early 1980s. Don’t you think that’s way too long? All of the thousands of dollars it has taken to keep these two killers alive could certainly have been put to better use.

Get it right, officials!

Jayne Henry


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