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Letter to the Editor: Intentionally ignoring reality

on November 14, 2013 10:19 AM

Recently in a letter to the editor, Everett Dembosky wrote that tea party congressmen/women demonstrate ignorance in their lack of understanding of national economics. He then explained how after reading a book, he was now enlightened.

Quoting Dembosky: “In order to get paid back what we owe them, China must buy something from us in goods or real estate from someone who wants dollars.”

This makes about as much sense as believing there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Or, under Obamacare, that more people can be insured and nobody will have to pay for it. This is called getting something for nothing or Democrat magic.

I am a Democrat, but I’m an American first. I refuse to sell my moral values to the government just to keep a paycheck or get a cellphone or more food stamps.

Our economy is crashing under an out-of-control Democrat/fascist government. Our population has been divided into rich and poor, givers and takers. The middle class is dissolving under the Obamacare tax.

Millions of full-time employees are being reduced to part time because of Obamacare costs.

Each month more than half a million workers drop out of the workforce, no longer payers, now takers, not by choice.

Prices are through the roof and we are becoming poorer every day.

The working, taxpaying citizens are being forced into an ugly corner called poverty,

Our president and the news media are lying to the people daily, hiding real inflation and unemployment numbers.

Our nation is on the brink, and Mr. Dembosky wants to talk macroeconomics.

If anybody still believes this economy is even close to being OK, they are intentionally ignoring reality. Hold on. it’s going to be a rough landing.

Terry Anderson


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