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Letter to the editor: Kittens aren't trash

on May 10, 2017 10:56 AM

This letter is directed to the coward who shirked their own responsibility to spay their cat, then littered our neighborhood with its offspring. Three kittens were dropped at different homes, while the rest of the litter, we guess, was deposited at the local gun club.

You will be sad to hear that the tiny kitten with cartilage-like ribs will probably survive. I got lucky that she was so hungry and thirsty that she ate on her own. However, she’s so young that she does not know how to groom herself, letting that chore fall to my terrier to do.

I can only hope that in a month or so, someone with a kind heart will adopt this affectionate “Lil’ Orphan Annie” from me. I have no plans to keep her as I have pets of my own.

I sincerely hope that if this owner finds themselves with more unwanted litters that they contact the Humane Society or Four Footed Friends. If that’s too much trouble and they try this ploy again, I’m arming myself with a motion-activated camera so they can be prosecuted. These defenseless kittens are not trash!

Sandy Dye

Glen Campbell


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