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Letter to the Editor: League delivers on aim to separate fact, fiction

on October 31, 2013 10:20 AM

Since 1993, the League of Women Voters has promoted a health care system for the United States that provides access to a basic level of quality care for all U.S. residents and controls health care costs.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), though not perfect, is a step in that direction.

Finding reliable information about the Affordable Care Act has become a chore, even for the most responsible of voters. That is the reason the league holds programs like the one last week during which a health care legislation specialist explained, in great detail, the facts of the law that was signed into law in 2010, and upheld by the Supreme Court in 2012.

The purpose of the league’s program, which was advertised in advance, was not to debate whether the law is good or bad; rather the purpose was to present the facts of the Affordable Care Act that are related to Medicare and Medicaid, and to correct the misperceptions about this complicated piece of federal legislation. We delivered on that aim by providing a forum for an independent organization to present a fact-based program.

The league will continue to work with community leaders and health care professionals for a cost-efficient system that provides a basic level of quality care for all citizens. We believe that attacking the law and spreading distortions is a disservice to everyone, especially to those who are frighteningly vulnerable because of their lack of access to health care insurance.

We hope that those with differing viewpoints will work together to seek solutions that allow everyone to participate in the medical system in a dignified and timely way.

Sherene Hess

president, League of Women Voters of Indiana County

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