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Letter to the Editor: Lesser of two evils

on July 09, 2014 10:29 AM

When I view the race for governor, I can’t see a candidate winning the race that is good for Pennsylvanians. I see the choice as being the lesser of two evils.

Gov. Tom Corbett and his Republican-controlled House and Senate have done little to warrant continued control of state government. Mr. Tom Wolfe has already postulated his belief that more taxes and spending are the mainstay of his policy. This tactic is right from the Democrat play book. I don’t believe for a moment that the state’s education system will get better if we throw more and new Marcellus tax dollars at it.

I then look at the promises of the Republicans to reform and make smaller the Legislature and see zero progress. I see key issues like pension reform, selling the state stores, voter ID, elimination of the state collecting union dues, taking care of existing infrastructure going nowhere. Platitudes are not useful results.

The Democrats seem committed to misconduct, political dishonesty and backroom deal making. I lamented when a Democrat was elected attorney general. I was not wrong.

In November we have do-little Republicans or the economically and politically dishonest Democrats. I will choose the Republicans until something better comes along.

I wonder if the governor and Legislature from Wisconsin would move to Pennsylvania and take over the running of the state.

Raymond J. Borkoski

Ford City

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