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Letter to the Editor: Let vote up to next board

on March 05, 2017 12:59 AM

With the closing of election petitions for school board in the Indiana Area School District, the existing school directors should vote to take no action on the mega-school project until after the primary election in May.

If the three board members, Dr. Deborah Clawson, Diane Paccapaniccia and Dr. John Uccellini, do not survive the primary election, it would be most unfair of the board to take any further action on the school until a new board is seated in December 2017.

I would urge the three board members mentioned to recuse themselves from any votes on the school from now until the primaries, and certainly from the primaries on to December if they are defeated or choose not to run.

To have short-term directors play any part in a project that will have taxpayers paying until 2038 is despicable, and, knowing each well, I don’t believe they would vote and run.

This board does not begin to understand how much the taxpayers hate what they are doing. Petitions against them, letters to the editor, a newspaper editorial, municipal leaders and state representatives have all expressed their dislike for the hurried-up project.

It would be a travesty if three present board members are not on the general election ballot and contribute to the furtherance of the project. As President Trump would say, BAD!

William S. Balint


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