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Letter to the editor: Liberals feel they're owed entitlements

on May 14, 2017 12:39 AM

Liberals fear exposure to conflicting views. They are so afraid, in fact, that they riot to avoid the bursting of the bubble in which they live where independent thought is quashed by social pressures to conform to the proximate groupthink of other liberals.

Another characteristic of liberal group-thinkers is their sense of entitlement. Because they pledge fealty to communalism, they believe that they are owed entitlements from that communality. They genuinely believe that these entitlements are rights bestowed by the communal government and owed to them. They interpret the Constitution by semantic legerdemain for the self-serving aim of formally bestowing their desired entitlements as rights. They are not.

One fundamental characteristic of the rights granted by the Constitution is that they don’t cost anybody anything, except, perhaps, the opportunity to deprive others of their rights. Communalists feel, for example, that they are entitled to health care. They are not, unless they pay for it. Free health care is not free. Someone must pay for it. Hospitals do not sprout unbidden from the ground, doctors are not born with skill and knowledge or required to take vows of poverty, nor do supplies grow magically from shelves. So how can liberals believe that health care is a right to which they are entitled?

Similarly, why do liberals believe they are entitled to create regulations that confer benefits to themselves or their causes by depriving others of their property?

Environmental regulations are perhaps the worst offender. Suppose your family farm has a swamp which you intend to fill so you can build a home or pasture your cows. Liberals have adopted regulations which deny you the right to enjoy your swamp by doing anything on it, claiming that some duck or turtle or salamander has the right to enjoy your property, and you don’t.

What entitles liberals the right to deprive you of the right to enjoy your property or force you to give it to some thing, or some ideal? If they want to give it to the ducks, then they should purchase it with their own money, not steal it from you for some cause.

McClellan G. Blair, Ph.D.


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