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Letter to the Editor: Like gun rights, voter ID makes sense

on March 12, 2014 10:29 AM

Most everyone I talk to agrees that the right to keep and bear arms and the right to vote are of equal importance in the USA. Rather undeniable.

So why do so many people and groups continue to push for such illogical discrepancies in the exercise of these rights?

It’s weird how those in favor of more gun control are against voter ID. New World Order, or socialism, or worse, I guess.

Since 1967-68 a citizen wishing to buy a new gun must buy it from a federally licensed dealer after providing valid ID, completing a federal transfer form and passing a background check, which in Pennsylvania is administered by the state police.

Regardless of what some people say, there is no mail-order or Internet purchase of guns. That is a much perpetrated “myth,” to be kind about it.

Yet the requirements to exercise the right to vote are so loose it is truly ludicrous. As I understand it, voter registration can be done by mail. Lots of room for fraud there. Voting can be done by absentee ballot. Lots of room for fraud there. No voter ID required at the polling place. Even more room for fraud there.

A Democratic judge in Harrisburg recently shot down Pennsylvania’s perfectly logical voter ID law, in what was a blatant politically partisan, totally illogical decision.

Those who say that obtaining voter ID is too burdensome are perfectly capable of obtaining/presenting ID when it’s time to obtain a government “entitlement.” When it’s time to apply for a check or free food, etc., they seem to be able to come up with ID. And Gov. Corbett wants to make it even easier to obtain a commonwealth-issued ID card. You see, Republicans truly do want every eligible voter to vote. But just one vote per election cycle, please.

The argument in favor of voter ID is so overwhelmingly logical, and the argument against voter ID is so overwhelmingly illogical, that a citizen capable of any discernment whatsoever is forced to question the true motives of those who reject voter ID.

Randy Cornman


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