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Letter to the Editor: Making sure workers have enough to live on

on April 06, 2014 1:30 AM

I’m sure someone will point out to me but I’m certainly under the impression that the reason why that we have minimum wage laws is because someone needs to make what we call a decent wage so they can live, so they can take the amount of money they’re earning and survive.

The reason a law like that was created was so it would make people, business owners in particular, take into consideration that the people who would work for them would actually be able to live, would actually be able to survive and, thus, continue to work for them because the wage they are making is one they could live upon, one that they could survive upon, one that they could eat food, stay reasonably healthy, do their job and continue not to feel as though they would like to be out on the street.

I wonder why would we need a law like that if all our business owners were honest, upright, Christian citizens? But then again maybe that is the reason why. There are those that do not run or operate, perhaps, honest, sincere businesses that take into consideration that their employees have to live, earn a decent amount of money to pay their rent, their bills and eat.

So that being the case, it seems we have to make a law, and laws come about because there are people who don’t want to honor them, people in our community, business leaders, who don’t give a damn.

Look for that person who is so desperate to try to survive that they will take a job that they hope at some point because they work hard they will be given a decent salary.

If only our world did work like that, and yet this country was built upon hard work and dedication. It seems as though some business owners have forgotten about that and simply wish to exploit individuals rather then simply pay a decent day’s wages for decent work.

John A. DeBartola


2009 IUP graduate

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