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Letter to the Editor: Many thanks to county's Head Start

on May 25, 2014 1:49 AM

I would like to take this time to applaud the Indiana County Head Start Program. I had three sons go to Head Start, and they still talk about how fun and how much they learned. My youngest is 25, so it has been many years since I had anything to do with the program.

Having said that, for the past two years my nephew Tyreese Patterson has had the great opportunity to go to this same school, even though they had to downsize and cut a lot of programs from the school due to costs. I do believe that it has actually gone in the best direction that it could.

When Ty started Head Start, he was about 3οΎ½ years old; he is now 5 and will be going to kindergarten this next school year. When he started, he had speech issues, but because of his speech specialist, he now speaks with such clarity and continues to surprise all of his family with how much he knows. He can actually speak Spanish now, counting up to 14 — something I don’t know how to do.

Ty comes home every day telling us what he learned, what he got to eat, what fun songs they sang, how he was star of the week, and just what great fun he had. He made some great friends and I think Indiana County is very lucky to have this program, and to have this opportunity to send their child and prepare them for the starting of his/her schooling.

I applaud our Head Start program and want to thank you all for everything for the past two years. You have helped my nephew so very much, and I can surely tell you that you all made one little boy a very happy child.

So, from Ty’s aunts, Debbie and Nola, uncle John, grandparents Charles and Carol Patterson and dad Jeffery Patterson, we sincerely thank you and would like to commend you on your outstanding program for our kids here in Indiana.

Please do not let our Head Start program close ever due to costs; if anything, it should be expanded.

Our kids need this experience to prepare them for the great big world.

John and Nola Green


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