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Letter to the Editor: Members of Indiana board in denial

on May 09, 2017 10:59 AM

I am a resident in the Indiana Area School District, and I am opposed to the new school.

To give you some background, I have been working in the addictions field for the last 20 years, 14 as a counselor. I have learned a lot about human behavior during that time, and I had a good reputation with my patients because 1) they knew I cared about them and 2) because I would tell them exactly what they needed to know to recover.

One of the biggest issues encountered with addicts is denial. It is a flawed system of thinking where an addict will deny having a problem with drugs in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

When I think of our school board members who are in favor of this new school, I have come to believe that they are in denial.

They believe building this new school is OK despite all the negative facts, including traffic-flow issues, classrooms without sprinklers, shrinking populations/tax base and many more issues.

Now please understand that I am not against progress, or even building the “right” new school. This current project is not the “right” school. There is no evidence of improved academic performance, or anything that demonstrates that a new building is necessary. Now is just not the right time.

So, what is the point? A number of people who simply want their name on a new project? In reality, every time a citizen walks into the new building, the plaque will proclaim that Douglas Steve et al. are responsible for the biggest mistake IASD ever made!

Fred Fish


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