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Letter to the Editor: Need for reflection on transportation package

on December 17, 2013 10:50 AM

Without getting into too much detail, I find the public commentaries supporting the recently passed transportation package to be offensive.

It is a regressive tax that basically rewards the department whose lack of priorities produced the present situation of deficient bridges and mediocre roads. Additionally, a significant portion of the revenue is slated to go to municipal transportation in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia that bear no relationship to the “user fees” associated with the tax.

Further, Rep. David Reed’s assertion that 50,000 jobs will be created by taking $2.3 billion out of the private sector and putting it in the public sector is a cruel joke. Has it been so long since the 2009 stimulus package that we forget that transferring money from one sector to another at best presents a wash and at worst makes thing worse?

Then there’s the pork.

To paraphrase Everett Dirksen, $40 million here, $40 million there and soon you’re talking real money.

A recent letter from a retired general suggesting that this funding would provide a cure for obese kids by providing more walking and biking trails, however, really took the cake.

First, I walk the Hoodlebug occasionally and really can’t remember seeing any obese kids there — not even many kids at all. Second, what does a retired general know about obese kids? And third, what is a letter from Lancaster doing in the Gazette? There’s something going on here.

Timothy L. Wilson


• EDITOR’S NOTE: We printed the letter by the retired general from Lancaster because he praised two local legislators, state Sen. Don White and state Rep. Reed, for backing the transportation package.

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