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Letter to the Editor: No regard for life; no help when needed

on July 09, 2014 10:49 AM

It’s happened again. My husband and I came home to find something lying on the road. It turned out to be a tiny kitten, seriously injured but still alive. Some heartless idiot dumped it here, probably by throwing it out of the car, as people have done before.

This leaves me with some questions.

My first is: What is the matter with people? They can’t be bothered to take a kitten to one of the shelters or try to find a home for it? If I had been home, and they had knocked on my door, I would have gladly taken the kitten in. No, that would be too responsible and caring for some.

People like this are sickening. They should be ashamed, but probably aren’t. After all, you have to have a conscience to feel shame. If they had a conscience, they wouldn’t have done what they did to begin with.

My only comfort is that God saw them do it and they will answer for it.

My other question is: Why do we not have an emergency vet around here?

Vets are always advertising for customers so they can do vaccines and spaying/neutering and such, and new ones keep popping up, yet where are they all when you need them in an emergency, especially after hours and on weekends?

I do understand that not all vets are highly trained in emergency medicine. It’s a specialty, just like with people doctors, but you would think that this area could attract some emergency vets.

Sure, we can drive to Monroeville, but an emergency situation is not the time to have to drive over an hour for help! It’s nerve-wracking for the people involved and not good for the outcome of the injured animal. I hope this situation changes sometime in the near future because it desperately needs to.

Sadly, the kitten, who I named Sweetie, did not make it.

I just hope that in her last hour, as she was gently petted and cried over on the way to the hospital, that she knew that someone loved and cared about her and that not all humans thought she was a piece of trash to be dumped.

Marcy Lapinsky


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