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Letter to the editor: Obama also experienced incivility

on June 18, 2017 12:39 AM

I was quite stunned to read McClellan Blair’s latest letter (“Incivility in the media,” Tuesday’s Gazette) and realize that he had no access to news of any kind during the Obama administration.

If Mr. Blair had followed any news during the years 2008-2016, he would realize that he severely misses the mark with his claim that the outright vitriol seen today was not seen during the prior administration.

Mr. Blair clearly did not see the major unsubstantiated lies circulated about President Obama during his administration.

1. The charge (supported by now President Trump) that Obama was not born in the United States.

2. The charge that Obama was not a Christian (as if that mattered, since we do not have a religious test for elected civil office).

3. Obama caused the BP oil spill.

4. Obama used a secret Pentagon weather modification project to cause Hurricane Sandy.

5. Obama faked Osama bin Laden’s death.

And those are not even the top five, just a randomly chosen five.

There are many more, some of which are so vile I cannot repeat them here, or so ridiculous that I will not repeat them at all.

I would suggest that Mr. Blair, and anyone else who had no access to news during the Obama administration, visit our local library.

The librarians there are excellent and can assist Mr. Blair in finding back copies of news reports for those years.

It may take him a while to read the news from the eight years he missed, and he will likely be stunned by the rampant incivility and horrible bias and the fabricated stories, but he will be wiser for it.

Kitty Shryock Hood, Ph.D.


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