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Letter to the Editor: Photo of shooting leaves wrong impression

on June 03, 2014 10:50 AM

I am writing in regard to the photo published in The Indiana Gazette this past weekend.

I feel that the photo was not only in poor taste, but also gave the impression of a gross dismissal of gun safety practices.

The article written by Randy Wells was very well done, interesting and informative. I laud the participants in this sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, which recently took place at the Indiana County Bow and Gun Club. It sounds like an interesting sport and hobby.

What I object to is the depiction of what appeared to be a wanton disregard for gun safety. The photo by Jim Nestor gives the impression that the photographer was standing right next to the barrel of the gun.

I must admit that the photo was an excellent capture of the action and was in excellent quality. It was interesting to see that the shell being ejected by the firearm was captured in the well-timed photo.

(Editor: The picture in question was taken with a camera mounted on the gun’s barrel and set to remotely take a series of still pictures — one every half-second — to capture the action. The photographer was never close to the gun while it was being fired.)

However, given the incidents over the past several years with the misuse of firearms, I feel that this photo promotes the wrong impression to children and adults alike. Guns are not to be disrespected and handled unsafely.

Arlene Wanatosky

Homer City

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