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Letter to the Editor: Questions linger about firing of IUP coach

on April 09, 2014 11:00 AM

The University of Louisiana-Monroe hired former IUP head women’s basketball coach Jeff Dow as its head coach last week.

Brian Wickstrom, athletic director at the NCAA Division I university, stated that they “didn’t find one shred of evidence” supporting any allegations against Dow (, April 1). IUP players and nationally known head coaches were quoted in the media in support of Dow.

Furthermore, Coach Dow says he has never been told by IUP why he was fired.

My questions: Will there now be an independent investigation of this firing by IUP or by The Indiana Gazette or the coaches union or the state system? What is the evidence of wrongdoing by Dow? Who made the decision to fire Dow? Why was Dow not told the reasons for his firing?

IUP should be better than this!

Ross Brightwell

Maple Glen

IUP alumnus

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