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Letter to the Editor: Quick response by White Township lauded

on July 02, 2014 10:50 AM

Earlier this year a large tree split, and one of the large parts fell harmlessly to the ground along Marion Road in White Township.

However, two sections of the tree remained standing along the much-traveled road. (School buses, public transportation vehicles, and private cars and trucks use this road daily.)

When White Township officials were notified about the danger of the two remaining sections, they took immediate action and had them cut down, dropping both away from the road.

Any passer-by observing the tree sections could not help but notice the large rotten areas inside the tree and how easily a windstorm, or just a bump from a passing vehicle, could have resulted in a serious accident.

Recent tree accidents involving loss of life and other perils make the quick action taken by White Township personnel to prevent such an occurrence deserving of a “job well-done!”

Gene J. Jones

White Township

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