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Letter to the Editor: Raising minimum wage not the answer

on December 17, 2013 10:20 AM

Everett Dembosky’s latest lecture on economics surpasses the ignorance of his previous letter. His answer to “corporate welfare” is to continually raise the minimum wage by $3 an hour a year.

He continues to fault conservatives and the tea party for the corporate wealth of CEOs who are making upward of $9,200 per hour. Those CEOs I have just mentioned are from McDonald’s and Starbuck’s. (Source: Yahoo News)

The true answer to the corporate wealth is simply not to purchase the product or service. How many of us are willing to participate in knocking off establishments like these to end the “corporate welfare” criticized by Mr. Dembosky?

There is no way to put an end to corporate wealth through forcing a business to pay more money to employees. By doing so, the product or services they offer will simply increase in cost as the margin of profit will not change because you can’t force the business to change what it takes in profits. You punish yourself if you think Mr. Dembosky is right.

Sadly enough, there is no true way to legally put an end to the greed of CEOs making riches like that. It’s called free enterprise.

As a former educator, Mr. Dembosky should have been made better aware of how our system works. Don’t like what they make? Don’t purchase their product or service.

Here’s a thought: How about cutting government, cutting taxes on energy (everything in life is relative to energy) and taxing the living daylights out of the entertainment industry (cele-brities, pro sports players, etc.).

I agree with Mr. Dembosky that some people make far too much and others make far too little.

I’ll also agree that the tea party and conservative groups don’t have all the answers.

But I have to tell you this: That Democrat in Washington needs to get on a plane with that Republican in Harrisburg and let me pay for a one-way ticket out of this country. That will be my donation to a better economy. That should satisfy half of you.

Robert S. Colgan


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