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Letter to the Editor: Redistricting article welcome

on March 21, 2014 11:00 AM

Republican voters in Rayne and Green townships had been under the assumption that our voting districts were unaltered when the state was redistricted.

We are thankful to reporter Randy Wells and the Gazette for publishing the color-coded map March 12 that clearly delineated the individual districts and those who represent them.

Most of us were unaware that we are part of the 66th Legislative District currently serviced by the retiring Sam Smith.

I served as one of the petition carriers in this district, and several times those I visited said that they had never seen Sam Smith’s name on their ballot when they voted in past elections and therefore wondered why I was carrying a petition for Cris Dush, who is running for that upcoming vacancy. They were unaware of these changes.

I would also like to express gratitude to Cris Dush, a Republican running for the 66th District seat. He cared enough about us to place an ad in the Gazette to inform those of us who reside in Rayne and Green townships that we are now part of the 66th District.

As informed voters, we need to know who is running, learn more about them and become familiar with their platforms before we go to the polls to vote in the primary on May 20.

Cheryl A. Pauch


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