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Letter to the Editor: Right can't decide how to label Obama

on March 25, 2014 10:20 AM

In his March 19 column, “Missing: A foreign policy,” Cal Thomas joined conservatives of many stripes who can’t seem to pin a consistent label on President Obama. The gist of Thomas’ article was that Obama is weak on foreign policy, and therefore the nation is seen as weak.

A short time ago, when Obama decided that since Congress wouldn’t cooperate with him on almost every issue, he said he would go it alone and sign executive orders for action. The right-wing spin machine went into overdrive calling him a dictator and a king. On his “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart joked that conservatives had seemingly called Obama a “weak mom-jeans wearing dictator king.”

Then, in his desire to blunt the ambitions of Sen. Ted Cruz, who had seemingly compared himself to Ronald Reagan, Sen. Rand Paul reminded us that it was Reagan who “strategically withdrew” our Marines from Lebanon after 241 were killed in a terrorist bombing. That was a nice way to describe what conservatives love to accuse liberals of, i.e., cutting and running.

No, Cal, it was not George W. Bush who got Osama bin Laden. He said early on that he didn’t think much about bin Laden anymore ... since he couldn’t find him. Romney also, when asked about bin Laden, said he wouldn’t concern himself much with that.

So it was left to “weak” Obama to give the order, and he did. And when an American ship captain was captured by Somali pirates, it was Obama who gave the orders for three Navy Seals to shoot and kill the pirates.

I would submit that getting us out of two wars is not weak, but prudent. And as opposed to some references by hawks like Cal Thomas and Sen. John McCain, who would seemingly prefer military action against Russia, the placing of strong sanctions on Russia is also prudent. We don’t need a president who thinks sending our boys into questionable wars is what makes a president stronger and more macho. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently said Putin was showing real strength in his Crimean actions, that he could decide to do something and everyone would obey, making him a real leader. No, Rudy, it makes him a real dictator.

The rest of the world is showing Obama more respect than they conferred on the shoot-from-the-hip administration of Bush-Cheney, and people like Cal Thomas know this.

Don Skillin


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