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Letter to the Editor: Ring of steel - the new reality

on February 16, 2014 1:10 AM

Did you catch this on the news? The new term for security at the Olympics in Russia is the ring of steel.

There have always been and will always be threats to people, events and targets around the world. Now, in the shadow of 9/11 and other terrorist events, coupled with fear-promoting by some in the cable news media, is it any wonder that there has been more attention given to a possible terror attack on the Olympics?

This ring of steel was also mentioned at the recent Super Bowl. So now the standard is, with major events, we have to literally lock down cities and practically strip-search ticket holders.

We’re already bare-footing in airports. We are already using cages for New Year’s Eve celebrations. What’s next? SWAT teams at national college and high school games? Armed security in gyms and on tracks? Snipers on the roof at concerts?

Who pays for all this?

We can’t lock the world down or prevent every attack. We live with a false sense of security, thinking that our guns and forces can prevent all attacks.

But what about addressing poverty, mental health, drug abuse, bullying, unemployment, educational needs, funding for school programs, early childhood education and school programs? And what about homeless people? And veterans’ needs?

We have serious problems here at home. Kids are growing up fatherless with a twisted view of responsibility. Families struggle just to spend time with each other. At the same time, we as a county spend more money than anyone legally drugging our kids and buying prescription drugs for adults.

Patients in the U.S. spend more on prescription drugs than any other country in the world, with an estimated $45 billion spent out of pocket by Americans last year. ( eo/today/51515048#51515048)

Many of the last newsmaking shootings have come from homegrown people. In some cases it has been kids. So what does this say about how we spend money? How our government addresses our real needs?

This year a 30-second Super Bowl spot reportedly went for $4 million, up from $3.8 million in 2013.

We as a county seem to be OK with that, but what does that say about us, our values?

Entertainment and sports have become more sacred than humanity and faith. Maya Angelou had it right when she wrote, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”

Anthony Frazier


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