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Letter to the Editor: Security tightened at all Indiana buildings

on May 04, 2014 2:00 AM

Terry Ray is patently unqualified to comment on the mindset of the current Indiana Area school directors as he quit that board and has not participated in any of the deliberations of the district for more than two years.

Mr. Ray in his April 21 letter, “Learning from Franklin Regional tragedy,” fails to clearly state what his solutions might be to this prevalent societal problem of school violence and to his recommendations as to how the board should respond to these senseless, unpredictable acts of violence. To state as fact that we have “left our children unprotected” is fear mongering of the highest order.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The facts are far different than what Mr. Ray has stated. IASD has tightened security in all of its buildings, communication systems have been improved and modernized, interfaces with local police have been streamlined, procedures have been reviewed and responses practiced.

IASD strives to protect our children from all types of danger: from concussions, pedophiles, bullies, drugs and violence … the list goes on and on. Safety has been and will continue to be a major topic on our agendas now and into the future. IASD exists in a much larger community that also has responsibilities for our children.

Their safety must extend farther than just the schoolhouse door; it must incorporate the efforts and the resources of the entire community.

My heart goes out to the Franklin Regional School District and the Murrysville community for their recent tragedy. It is certainly clear that arming anyone in those crowded halls could have resulted in someone’s death but may have prevented some of those awful injuries, leaving us with new lessons to incorporate into our procedures.

The board did not need to be reminded about how precious life is and how our schools and our communities must be a safe haven for our children.

Tom Harley


• EDITOR’S NOTE: Tom Harley is president of the Indiana Area school board.

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