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Letter to the Editor: Selection process in Blairsville inequitable

on August 23, 2013 10:49 AM

My futility with Blairsville politics continues.

At a recent meeting of the Blairsville Community Development Authority, the neighborhoods excluded from the Elm Street Program were given the carrot-and-stick approach.

The explanations given were that they are trying to get the program expanded to our neighborhood, but all this takes time. Approximately two to nine months, if at all. That’s the carrot.

This was the same speech I received two years ago when I originally approached the board about my neighborhood. That was before the second grant, and now we are asked to wait for the fourth grant, which may or may not ever come and which we may or may not be eligible for.

I’m paraphrasing the CDA director, of course. She was much more eloquent in stating the unchosen ones had almost no chance of ever joining the “Chosen Neighborhoods”

What it all comes down to is the inequity of the process. National politics permeates down to the local level, where local politicians think they can use taxpayer money at their discretion with no repercussions. In this case they have succeeded.

Just one example of that would be their “Conflict of Interest Policy,” where board officers, volunteers or “interested parties” can receive funds only if approved by the remaining board members. I wonder how those votes turn out?

Absent from the meeting was our council representative. I can only assume that representing us in this matter is not that important.

Oran Leonard


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