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Letter to the Editor: Seniors disappointed in bus service

on July 13, 2014 1:59 AM

A group of us from Clairvaux Commons recently decided to go to the Indiana Mall for lunch and shopping, which we had done many times in the past. We decided to take the 10:34 bus.

The bus was late arriving, and we had to ask the driver to put down the ramp.

On boarding the bus we found we could not sit on the lower level although there was a sign on either side that said it was reserved for seniors and disabled passengers. Many seniors find it hard to go up and down stairs, which we must do now to ride the bus.

The air conditioning in the bus was so low that we who were dressed for summer found ourselves freezing. The additional stops made by the bus did not help the situation at all.

When we were ready to return home at 12:45, the bus was late again and the air conditioning was still on freezing.

The bus was supposed to be at Clairvaux Commons at 1:34 but did not get there until after 2, and we had to ask again for the ramp to be put down.

All in all we had three different drivers, and a lot of times there was no one waiting for pickup at the additional stops or getting off, which makes us wonder why the changes.

Is this new routing of buses to stop people from using the transit service for their appointments? It certainly does not save time nor is it convenient. Frankly, we think the seniors have put up with enough when the transit agency switched over to computers. We were having no trouble with the transit service or the bus service until they decided to fix it.

We senior citizens are not someone to be thrown away. We are to be treated as people who have a life. Many of us have disabilities that prevent us from using stairs or getting on and off buses without the ramp. With just a little help we can live useful lives and help ourselves instead of having our relatives turning their lives upside down to help us. We like to help ourselves and not be a bother.

In the future we will not be making our weekly trip to the mall or for that matter anywhere else that requires a bus trip.

Constance Currie

Charlotte Lichtenfels

Mary Lou Wright

White Township

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