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Letter to the Editor: Shuster is best for Indiana County

on May 10, 2014 10:19 AM

As someone who has been blessed with the opportunity to own a business in Indiana that employs nearly 1,000 people, I know how important it is to have strong representation at all levels of elected office. I also know how important it is to have not only smart men and women holding these positions but those who possess strong character.

Congressman Shuster recently made a visit to Diamond Pharmacy Services, and while I’ve always felt he was doing a great job for all of the people of Indiana County, I came away even more impressed after seeing him interact with my employees.

He not only took a tour, but stopped to ask many folks how they were doing and what issues were important to them.

Following the tour he took questions for as long as they were asked and offered to come back and do it again.

While many of those qualities about Shuster are well known to most of Indiana County, I feel like they get overlooked at times.

If you match the fact that we have a man who cares deeply about the community serving us with his proven record of supporting legislation that is good for job creators, I believe we have an easy decision on May 20.

There’s much more to being congressman than being on cable news. It’s about knowing your district, the people who live there and the policies they need to succeed.

Congressman Shuster knows all of these and we are fortunate to have his voice in Washington fighting for us each day.

Gib Zilner

Diamond Pharmacy Services

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