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Letter to the Editor: Student misbehavior an ongoing problem

on April 06, 2014 1:50 AM

I am so beside myself that it has brought me to writing this letter. In the wake of the “IUP riots” and everyone blaming everyone else, the college students should look at themselves. If it was “out-of-towners,” our incorrigible students should have stayed away, which would have given the police a chance to get things under control.

Last year a firetruck and authorities had trouble getting to a house fire, which left our friends homeless.

Our yards have been robbed on a daily basis, only for the people (students) to come a few months later to stand on the sidewalk talking about it.

Our homes and property have been defaced with graffiti. I personally have seen this: getting high in the junkyard and making so much noise that a deaf person could hear them.

I could go on, but there is one thing more that needs to be addressed. Tonight we witnessed the death of our mother duck, a longstanding member of our neighborhood that traveled the borough giving people a smile. She was hit by a car. We buried her as her mate watched about a half-block away. The driver was going too fast and was a student of … you guessed it.

Mallards mate for life, and what I don’t know is whether he’ll tend the eggs that they have every year to everyone’s delight.

The inevitable, nonchalant response will be, I’m sure, “I didn’t do it.” But if you young college kids weren’t here, I’d bet the mommy mallard would be.

I happened to be watching TV a week ago and decided to see what the IUP news station was all about. Here I see a just-out-of-high-school-looking kid standing in front of three or four bags of garbage some fraternity picked up after the riots.

Yes, this is our “loving every minute” Indiana, complete with riots. And these kids don’t understand the reality and consequences of their actions until they wake up in jail or in their brand-new dorms with a big hangover.

The problem with these students has been ongoing for as long as anyone can remember. Picking up a few bags of garbage won’t do it. Why did these “outside” people come? Because in one way or another, they were invited. Shame on you.

Debra McClelland


P.S.: Could I have my American flag back?

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