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Letter to the editor: These are not your granddad's immigrants

on August 05, 2014 10:40 AM

I feel the need to respond to Don Skillin’s letter on Friday (“Immigrant children would be good for U.S.”), which was submitted in response to an earlier column by Cal Thomas. I believe the letter is very confused and misguided when it comes to people immigrating into our country.

Mr. Skillin states that over the decades our nation has been founded by immigrants entering our country, who became doctors, engineers, laborers, truck drivers and fruit pickers. All very true. And many became much more.

But what he does not acknowledge is that these past immigrants came into this nation legally. It did not matter if they came in as children (a few of my ancestors came in their teenage years) or adults, they came in legally.

They were checked for diseases, backgrounds to their familial history, why they came here, what relatives already live here, etc.

These immigrants did “determine our national culture” and made this nation what it is today.

This is not happening with illegals entering our country today.

They (whether they are “children,” teenagers or adults) are not being passed through stringent customs, health exams or anything close to what our ancestors had to endure.

In closing, do we know whether some of these people passing through freely today may have diseases or ulterior motives, be terrorists or even be entering with the Ebola virus?

No, these are not the same immigrants that made this country great.

These are immigrants who are illegal and we have no idea what they may harbor.


Emile R. Zola


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