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Letter to the Editor: Those were the days, weren't they?

on January 15, 2014 10:19 AM

Those despicable liberal/progressive/socialist/Marxist/Communist/ Democrats have done it again. They forced Social Security on us. They forced Medicare on us. They forced Medicaid on us. Now they’ve gone and forced health insurance on everybody, complete with rules that protect us. And now here they go again, tryin’ to extend unemployment benefits and increase the minimum wage.

In the good old days, people out of work could just line up at soup kitchens and sleep in nice cardboard-box houses in quaint little towns.

We were happy when old people had to live with their kids because there was no Social Security. We were happy when their kids had to find a way to pay their parents’ medical bills — or not. Heck, we all have to die sometime.

We were happy when people with histories of cancer or diabetes or heart disease couldn’t buy insurance. We were happy when our college-age kids couldn’t remain on our health insurance policies. We were happy when people without insurance could go to the ER for free. We were happy with junk policies that they dropped if we got really sick. We were happy that only a small percentage of what we paid in went for actual health care. CEOs have to eat, too, y’know.

We were happy when we could buy tainted meat and contaminated food. We were happy when drug companies could experiment on us. Damn that FDA!

We were happy with smog and polluted air. We were happy with sludge and chemicals in our water. We were happy with our cowboy independence. We loved the risk of never knowing when what we put into our bodies could kill us. Damn that EPA!

It was much healthier to have separate schools, restaurants, bathrooms, movie theater sections, motels/hotels for the races. Nobody was singing the blues. Everybody got along just fine and nobody complained but those damn commie civil rights pinkos.

For sure, with all these taxes, we’re runnin’ out of rich folks. Now all we have are a bunch of Chinese makers battlin’ to hold down the riff-raff takers who are out there votin’ in more liberal/progressive/socialist/Marxist/commies. I say stop them from votin’.

I say ship all these Marxists out of the USA and send them to the Vatican where they can listen to that feed-the-poor, help-the-sick baloney from that head Marxist, Pope Francis (Rush Limbaugh). He should get back into his palace, where he belongs.

Janice Dembosky


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