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Letter to the Editor: Time to end property taxes

on March 05, 2017 12:58 AM

I anxiously await the vote on Senate Bill 76. I believe that most who understand this bill are very clear on its purpose. SB 76 eliminates school property taxes.

School districts with outstanding debt will have to pay off that debt. Let’s face it, folks, there aren’t very many debt-free school districts in Pennsylvania. In most cases, those districts with debt will see a significant reduction in school property taxes. And there is an end in sight.

I know there are people who believe this is a “triple whammy”— still paying school property taxes on outstanding debt, plus increased sales and income tax.

The increased state sales tax is 1 percent. That’s an additional penny on a dollar spent. The increase in state income tax is 1.88 percent, which brings that total to 4.95 percent. That’s just shy of a 2-penny increase on every income dollar.

Sales tax is buyer driven. You decide what you buy and what you can afford. You certainly don’t have that same consideration with property taxes. Property taxes are set by school boards — and how much they go up every year depends on what the district wants (not necessarily needs) to make their budget.

If you can’t afford your taxes, you will lose your home.

Sales and income tax are the two best choices for this bill. The money for education has to come from somewhere. I have no problem paying my fair share. But everyone should contribute to education, not just property owners. How can you tax a select group of people for something everyone uses?

Isn’t it about time to get this bill passed? We have waited long enough.

For more information about this bill visit the website at

Vicki Blair


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