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Letter to the Editor: To know is to understand

on June 06, 2014 10:59 AM

• EDITOR’S NOTE: Because of the timeliness of the issue and Ms. Wanchisn’s concern about what she sees as a possible misunderstanding of the nature of an injection well, we have waived the 30-day rule to allow her to respond to McClellan Blair’s letter Tuesday, “Those on left confuse rights, entitlements.”

Reading comprehension is a sign of understanding. Apparently Mr. Blair has a reading comprehension problem or maybe he does not know what an injection well is and just likes to blame it on the left. When you know, you begin to understand. When you don’t know, you blame it on whining, entitlements, the right, the left and other name-calling terms, thereby avoiding the issue.

I am not right. I am not left. I am a concerned mother, wife, grandmother, former teacher and citizen of this country. The issue is clean pure water and not endangering it by your actions, especially if it affects my property.

Injection well vs. drilling a well … two different animals. Some confusion of the two terms … injection or drilling.

I am not opposed to drilling nor have I said so in any of my letters. I am opposed to someone injecting toxic waste under pressure into a nonproducing well (one drilled 15-20 years ago) into the porous rock that goes under my property as well as others’, possibly contaminating the aquifer, as well as while trucking the toxic wastes to the site with the possibility of leaks and spills occurring — contaminating the water and land above ground as well as below ground (injection).

We need to have respect for life. Water is essential to life. We do not want the residents of Grant Township or any township to suffer the consequences of Dimock, Pavillion, Wyo., or Parker County, Texas. They were not protected by the courts. Ask those folks if they want to live in a community with contaminated water. The EPA has closed these cases and they are stuck with the results. Someone else’s actions caused them to lose their homes, their water and their health. I think they got shafted by the government and the corporations that caused it and no one cared to correct it.

No gift was bestowed by the government to the residents of Grant Township. If a toxic dump is a gift, I surely don’t want that as a present under my tree. We can ask the EPA to transfer the permit to Mr. Blair’s community and he could enjoy the benefits it produces. Wonder how many people would like it that live there?

I can also recommend some good documents for him to read — the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Judy Wanchisn

Marion Center

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