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Letter to the Editor: Transportation funding to improve safety

on December 19, 2013 10:30 AM

A few weeks ago, Gov. Tom Corbett and the Pennsylvania General Assembly showed that they are not gridlocked like Washington and can accomplish bold things to enhance the lives of Pennsylvania citizens.

A nationwide study concluded that roadway condition is a contributing factor in more than half of nearly 42,000 deaths that result from motor vehicle crashes each year.

The study said it is “the single most lethal contributing factor — greater than speeding, alcohol or non-use of seat belts.”

Passage of comprehensive transportation legislation will stem that tide in the commonwealth and the Harrisburg area.

We will see major improvements in our area as a result of this legislation. We have read countless articles about our neighbors, truckers, mothers, fathers and children killed on our area roads.

I want to thank state Rep. Sam Smith, R-Punxsutawney, for supporting safer roadways.

Thank your elected official the next time you do not read about an accident on our roadways that was caused by outdated conditions.

Increasing Pennsylvania’s investment in the transportation system by $2.3 billion per year will also support about 50,000 Pennsylvania jobs.

Nearly six in 10 of those jobs would be in industries other than highway construction — across all spectrums of the economy.

This is why the business community at the state, regional and local levels was solidly behind the comprehensive transportation funding solution.

Richard L. Bair


project/safety manager,

Francis J. Palo Inc., of Clarion

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