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Letter to the Editor: United States now more divided

on August 26, 2014 10:19 AM

In America all types of people are represented regardless of race and ethnicity; however, we must face the fact that our country is divided, and the people are divided from each other.

It appears that race has become an issue among us. In past years, we have worked so hard to come together as one human race and had respect for one another. Now, however, it seems as though all the hard work has been forgotten, and we are losing what we worked so hard for. What happened to what once was?

The past four, going on five, years President Obama has made decisions that I feel he was aware would not work but wanted to get things done his way regardless.

He has ignored the Constitution and turned a deaf ear to the wants of the American people.

The actions of the administration reveal that they have no concern for issues that the people have. I fear that in time, if continuously handled incorrectly, this will bring our once great country down in defeat.

We need honest, caring leadership, and I feel that this is what we lack in our current president.

We have a choice in the matter, and while some may not agree, I believe our only option is to turn to God and believe that he will lead us in the right direction as he has always promised. The solution is to invite God back into our lives and our government as the future is always in his hands.

I am ready for a change. Are you?

Vera Mock


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