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Letter to the Editor: United Way appreciates donors' generosity

on December 17, 2013 11:00 AM

As chair of the 2013 United Way of Indiana County campaign, I continue to be in awe of the generosity of the Indiana County community.

Here are just a few of the most recent things that make me grateful to call Indiana County my home:

• Events like the Turkeython, organized by Bill Otto, which raised almost $48,000 this year — an increase of more than $13,000 from last year, fueled by people from all walks of life who just want their friends and neighbors to have a holiday meal;

• A holiday mix and mingle, hosted by Taz´┐ę Ristorante, where more than 200 people came out to support the United Way and bartenders and servers worked for free and even donated back their tips to the United Way;

• A local man who could have taken home $650 from a giveaway, but chose to donate his winnings back to the United Way, and refused recognition.

I could spend hours telling stories about how people who have “just enough” to get by, but who go out of their way to give to others. “I don’t have much, but others have much more need than I do,” they tell me, as they make their contribution to the United Way.

We have a great opportunity to meet these needs and to help our friends and our neighbors have better lives through donations to the United Way. We’re currently at about 75 percent of our goal, but we need those last gifts to reach our $735,000 target.

I’ve talked with many people recently who can’t figure out what to get friends and family to celebrate the holidays because, in their words, “they have everything.” What about a gift in their honor to the United Way of Indiana County? It’s a wonderful way to recognize people that you care about, and to create a stronger community for us all.

For the hundreds of you who have already been part of the United Way success, please accept my personal thank-you for your donations of time, talent, energy and financial resources. You are all part of the reason why it is a wonderful life in Indiana County.

Michelle Shaffer Fryling

chair, 2013 United Way campaign

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