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Letter to the Editor: Upcoming primary election is critical

on April 24, 2014 10:30 AM

The media predicted that the May 20 primary election was going to be a relatively “quiet” one. Don’t believe this for a moment. This is a critical primary to: 1) elect a Republican candidate for the state House of Representatives in the 66th District (the Sam Smith seat) and 2) elect a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in the 9th District (currently held by Bill Shuster).

In Pennsylvania’s 66th District (northern Indiana County plus Rayne and Green) you have a seasoned state senator “endorsing” a Jefferson County commissioner known to very few residents in northern Indiana County.

Funny thing, when the candidate got signatures for his petition to get on the ballot, he only got 50 signatures, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State. And, these signatures were gotten mostly by one woman from northern Indiana County.

On the other hand, Cris Dush, who won Jefferson County against Sam Smith in 2012 only to lose by 458 votes from Armstrong and Indiana counties, had nine northern Indiana County volunteers to get 318 signatures.

Even more interesting is that most of the “self-appointed” committee of Republicans who sought out the Jefferson County commissioner to run in the 2014 race do not live in the 66th District.

The U.S. Congressional 9th District race will go down in history as the campaign that “killed many trees.” Remember all those Shuster-generated, anti-Halvorson postcards full of lies? In my opinion, the postcards and the $400,000 TV hate ads are a part of a smokescreen to hide the impressive leadership skills of Art Halvorson in both his 29-year service in the U.S. Coast Guard and in business.

On April 16, Fox News reporter Carl Cameron reported on the Bret Baier show that Congressman Shuster is “struggling” in his race against newcomer Art Halvorson. Interesting?

I am proud to be a volunteer for both Cris Dush and Art Halvorson — men with character, integrity, leadership skills, strong faith and family values, and they believe in term limits, too. Both men have run respectful races in the face of adversity and without the endorsement of the “good ole boys.”

Behind-the-scenes pre-selecting or endorsing of candidates by political parties is going on across the state. And, informed voters don’t like it.

Get yourself out to vote May 20. Think of it as “spring cleaning!”

Pat Leach

Marion Center

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