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Letter to the Editor: U.S. future - constitutional or despotic?

on December 22, 2013 1:20 AM

John Locke, considered to be the most important political theorist of the American founding era, described laws as a community’s “standing rules, indifferent and the same to all parties.”

None of these elements are to be found in the Affordable Care Act. More commonly known as Obamacare, the ACA is clearly not a law in constitutional terms and makes sense only within the context of a totally administrative government. When passed, it was more than 2,500 pages long and only a very few members of Congress attempted to read even portions of the law.

All Obamacare did was provide the president and the administrative bureaucracy with the right and power to formulate rules and regulations governing health care nationwide. This extension of governmental power, i.e., the power of unelected bureaucrats, is compatible with administrative government. But not within the letter or spirit of constitutional government. Obamacare has quickly evolved into despotic control and a national “gift” to the citizens of the United States from the corrupt politicians in federal government positions.

Both houses of Congress have contributed to the current despotic administration by surrendering their constitutional purpose and abrogating their defense of limited government. As a result, the Obama administration has exponentially grown and continues to defend and expand its turf. Individual members of Congress have occasionally expressed opposition but to date have not succeeded in surpassing the groundswell of overregulation and debt.

Fortunately for America, the administrative state has not attained legitimacy despite its expansion under both the Democrat and Republican political parties.

The U.S. Constitution itself remains the source of authority for those in and out of government who oppose the administrative state, and a stumbling block to those who support it.

The battles within both government and the electorate over the size and scope of federal government will eventually continue as long as shutdowns and showdowns over debt limit and the Obamacare fiasco remain unsolved.

Merry Christmas, America. May Santa fill your stocking with a heath care policy of your choice and one you can afford.

Leonard Anderson


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