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Letter to the Editor: Walking to IRMC presents challenge

on August 26, 2014 10:59 AM

Given the oft-cited link between fitness and good health, wouldn’t it be great if access to Indiana Regional Medical Center were a little more walker friendly?

For those coming from the IUP campus or from the center of town, there’s a pedestrian walk-light at Wayne Avenue, which makes it really easy to cross the busy street. Once across, though, the picture’s different.

In this area, walkers have to share space with cars or trek along narrow curbs. Next to the fairgrounds’ fence are the muddy remains of an ancient sidewalk, covered mostly by grass. It seems in good condition and maybe just needs turf removal.

Once they pass the ambulance service’s driveway, walkers are able to use a fine sidewalk that winds up the hill to an IRMC parking lot. I believe it’s the same one my sister took in the years before I was born, when she walked every day from Keith School to meet my mother, a nurse in the hospital’s emergency room.

We are always being encouraged to walk. Many people — especially students — don’t even have cars. With a little thought and planning, life could be made easier — and healthier — for all.

Karen Gresh


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