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Letter to the editor: What I see - a letter to Rep. Shuster

on October 28, 2013 10:20 AM

Thank you, Rep. Shuster, for saving our country from the doom of the government shutdown and debt ceiling default. Your vote, along with all those House Democrats, was appreciated.

But, Rep. Shuster, you must remember that it was you and the far right tea party Republicans that caused the shutdown to begin with. Twenty-four billion dollars worth.

Forty-six times, plus the three that caused the shutdown, the Republican House voted to repeal, replace or defund the Affordable Care Act. I would think that all the time wasted bringing this law up for a vote could have better been used on a jobs bill.

In March of this year Paul Ryan offered the Democrats a $988 billion budget. The Democrats accepted. Eighteen times the Democrats asked for a conference committee to discuss this budget. Republican leaders turned them down every time.

So maybe, Rep. Shuster, when the numbness subsides from your lips from tooting your own horn and your memory loss returns, you and other Republicans can start talking with Democrats and get something done. We don’t need a fight.

Frank Sosnick

Homer City

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