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Letter to the Editor: Where Tom Wolf truly stands

on August 03, 2014 1:29 AM

Fear. Hypocrisy. Should these associate with a Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate? Tom Wolf thinks so.

Tom Wolf fears the truth. It’s not surprising that Wolf continues to avoid interaction with the media and dodge tax policy questions.

Wolf plans to raise taxes on Pennsylvanians who make $90,001-plus and claims “people like me should pay more.” Mr. Wolf, can you honestly believe that a millionaire businessman can compare to middle-class households making, on average, $45,000.50 per person?

Tom Wolf breeds hypocrisy. Through his “Fresh Start” campaign plan, Wolf pledges to close the “Delaware Loophole,” when in fact he uses this very loophole in his own business practices. Wolf may advocate more taxes; however, he does not fully honor the ones already in place.

Wolf incorporates his business in Delaware only to avoid taxes through the same loophole he pledges to close. In an attempt to hide the use of this loophole, Wolf refuses to release corporate tax returns. Mr. Wolf, if you truly have nothing to hide, then why won’t you release the returns?

Tyler Cousins


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