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Letter to the Editor: Why I support Bill Shuster

on May 11, 2014 1:20 AM

If you regularly read these letters, you might have seen that a vocal minority are condemning our congressman, Bill Shuster. This vocal minority condemn Bill because they claim he isn’t a real conservative, or because he is running a negative campaign.

As a conservative who works daily for the Republican party and the conservative agenda, let me dispel these claims against Bill and explain why I’m voting for him.

Bill Shuster is a real conservative.

Bill has received the endorsement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the NRA and the National Right to Life Organization. They represent key planks of the conservative agenda: pro-free enterprise, pro-Second Amendment, pro-life. These organizations and their membership know that Bill is a steadfast ally in Washington who fights every day to advance the conservative agenda.

Bill has introduced the Domestic Energy Production Protection Act, which will stop President Obama’s war on coal by requiring congressional approval of EPA rules that affect domestic energy production. This legislation will stop President Obama’s job-crushing, over-regulation of our energy industry. By this legislation Bill is helping Pennsylvania workers keep their jobs, including those right here in our community who work in the coal, gas and oil, and other energy industries.

These are just a few examples of how Bill is a real conservative, and any claim that he is not a real conservative is simply nonsense.

On the issue of negative campaigning, for better or worse, negative campaigning has always existed in our Republic. When Thomas Jefferson and John Adams ran against each other for president in 1800, the negative campaigning they unleashed on each other would cause your toes to curl.

When the false, negative campaign began against Bill (claims he isn’t a real conservative), Bill had to fight back. Bill deciding to not fight back could have resulted in him being the next Bill Bradley (Al Gore’s victory over Bradley in 2000 was due to Gore going super-negative and Bradley refusing to fight back). In sum, Bill’s campaign has been proper at all times. Claims to the contrary are clearly wrong.

Following this primary I look forward to working with whomever the Republican voters of the 9th District select to advance the conservative agenda. For my part I hope they allow me to continue to work with Bill.

Jesse Daniel

chairman, Indiana County Republican Committee

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