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Letter to the Editor: Why is school board in such a big hurry?

on April 19, 2017 10:59 AM

Why won’t our elected school board listen to the people that voted them into office?

They know what the public thinks, but they still move ahead. What is the big hurry?

At the April 10 meeting board member Walter Schroth asked to amend Tamara Leeper’s motion to halt the progress on the elementary project during committee review, but the board denied the amendment 5-3.

Some members are not running again, so why don’t they abstain from voting?

Where does the board think older people living on Social Security will come up with the extra taxes?

There had been a comment made by the board that the average increase only would be $30-$35.

We haven’t had an increase in Social Security for two years and everything else has gone up.

Where do we come up with more tax money? Some people still working and raising a family are also having problems with expenses.

Are they trying to force people out of their homes?

Who will pay for the mega school with less tax money?

Please slow down and rethink the whole thing.

Bud and Barb Brendle


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