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LUKE PIPER: Criticism of Obama unconvincing

on August 04, 2013 1:19 AM

The trumpet of discourse has summoned me yet again to respond to a July 30 letter by Robert Colgan questioning the president’s record and faith.

Now, I do not consider myself by any means a defender of every Obama policy. However, this letter takes on a tone that I find quite disagreeable, in that it appears to be fueled mainly by political predisposition.

Colgan’s letter criticizes the auto industry bailout, suggesting the industry was irresponsibly run. Possibly, but the industry’s crisis was primarily precipitated by the 2008 recession, which rendered many people less able to purchase automobiles. The real injustice here is that few, if any, executives were held accountable for the actions that led to that recession.

Another suggestion is that Obama’s support for lower-income families is merely a vote-acquisition ploy. Unfortunately, proving intention is a very difficult thing to do, and the approach of “because I say so” is hardly sufficient. The left’s platform tends to comparatively favor lower-income individuals, so it follows that they would tend to prefer voting for liberal politicians. On Colgan’s logic, one could suggest that religious GOP politicians employ their faith only to appeal to religious voters.

This segues into what I find to be the most disagreeable suggestion of the letter: Because the president does not adhere to biblical principle in every regard, he is not a Christian.

Is unerring biblical adherence the fundamental requirement for Christianity? I thought it was believing in Christ as our Lord and Savior. On this logic, anyone who has divorced, remarried, used the Lord’s name vainly or even simply sinned cannot be a Christian as they are in violation of the Bible.

It is a ridiculous and untenable position endemic of selective biblical disregard. The president may very well be at odds with divine edict, but he does what he feels is right, and Christian faith presumes that everyone sins. To be a Christian is not to be sinless; it is to be a believer in Christ as Lord and Savior, and that’s a matter for God to judge, not us.

Luke Piper


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