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MARTHA JACK: Marion Center board looking to fill empty seat

on December 13, 2011 1:45 AM

I would like to remind residents of Rayne Township and Ernest Borough (and inform those who missed the announcement since it was not very prominently published) that a replacement is being solicited for the recently vacated seat on the Marion Center Area school board.

Letters of interest from residents in that region will be accepted at the school district office through 1 p.m. Wednesday.

If you would like to take an active role in shaping the educational experience of the youth in our community, please consider serving as a school director for the next two years.

Yes, the MC school board has been called a "hornets nest" in the recent past, and that may very well have discouraged some individuals from even considering service to the school district in this position.

But with two newly elected members on the board, and now a third member being sought, there can be a new "dynamic" at work among the group. One more individual who has the time and inclination to serve in this capacity can really make a difference.

I am also taking this opportunity to express my disappointment that the school board has voted to hold the public meetings in the W.A. McCreery Elementary School Library from now on.

The acoustics in that room are extremely poor, the seating is cramped and limited, and it is very difficult to see the board members during the meeting (and thus know who is even speaking) unless you are in one of the front rows of seats.

During the last meeting, the reason given by one of the board members for moving the location to the small library was "I like this room better." No other reason was offered for the room change.

I hope that this move is not based on the assumption that since the election is over, the public will no longer have a strong interest in attending the school board meetings.

Or worse, that it is intended to discourage attendance at the meetings.

Please stay informed and involved!

Martha Jack

Rayne Township

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