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McCLELLAN BLAIR: Statist hyprocrisy on gun ownership

on June 02, 2013 2:30 AM

Anyone who is fearful is not truly free, says Mr. Dembosky, and I agree. He attributes our fear of crazed bogeymen invading our schools to slaughter innocents to efforts of profit-mongering gun manufacturers and their liberal-proclaimed lackeys, the NRA, to sell weapons. He parrots the liberal/statist propaganda invoking any pretext to deprive the citizenry of our capacity to preserve liberty, property and person.

Thinking people recognize two essential facts: 1. Government stinks at protecting our property and person, so we have to do it ourselves. 2. Government threatens our Second Amendment rights, so we better prepare to protect ourselves before we can’t get the tools, even if not needed now.

Government dramatically demonstrated its fecklessness at New York, Benghazi, Fort Hood, Newtown and Boston. NSA and Homeland Security are buying massive amounts of ammunition. Why? We have gotten these messages. It is why guns have been flying off the shelves and pistol ammunition is unavailable.

Statist hypocrisy is transparent. They demagogue, and whip up our horror at the slaughter of 20 innocents in Newtown, while promoting Planned Parenthood, which slaughters innocents by thousands. They seek to take away gun rights with pretext legislation, callously using these innocents, but do not propose a single provision that would have saved them. The only purpose of gun legislation is to protect the political class against a citizenry opposed to their tyranny and failure.

While temporarily giving up on actually grabbing guns, statists feel they can “sell” ineffectual universal background checks whose sole purpose is to make a list of gun owners to go after. That list threatens both gun owners and those who can’t protect themselves. They know which you are!

Politicians have observed the Arab Spring and the success of a determined citizenry against a militarily superior tyrannical government, just as our Founders did, and it scares them! They see it happening here when the money runs out and a desperate army of hungry unemployed, welfare recipients, veterans and destitute seniors marches on Washington.

The Gazette reported the facts May 8: The more guns that are owned by the responsible general population, the less gun violence there is. Nonfatal crimes involving guns are down 70 percent in the last 20 years, despite (perhaps because of) the sale of millions of guns. Per-capita gun homicides are down 49 percent. Gun crimes are greatest in jurisdictions with the strictest gun laws.

McClellan Blair


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