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McCLELLAN BLAIR: Who is really being fair-minded?

on August 09, 2013 11:00 AM

On Aug. 2, we were lectured by Ms. Donovan that Rep. Shuster is “numb to the plight of millions of undocumented workers and their families,” that he fails his role as statesman and that he should be booted out at the next election for not “representing the values of fair-minded people.”

She further adopts Ms. Dembosky’s instruction of “what is true,” calling Mr. Shuster a selfish group-thinking obstructionist lacking in statesmanship. I’m glad she didn’t really tell us what she thinks of Mr. Shuster.

As to those poor unfortunate illegal workers: They came willingly, and they are free to leave as they came at any time. Meanwhile, each is here illegally. Many of them fill our jails for other criminal offenses. They came because they find their condition here to be preferable to that from which they came. There is no reason to pity them, because they never had it so good.

Other immigrants come here for the same opportunities, and they do so lawfully. They also often aspire to citizenship, and are willing to work for it. We embrace them!

The illegals do not and cannot fully participate in our society as a result of their unlawful status. Yet those “fair-minded” folks would put these gate-crashers on an even par with those who waited patiently to play by the rules. Mr. Shuster does not think amnesty would be fair to honest immigrants. Nor do I.

As to the work that they do, illegals clearly make a living and risk sanctions to obtain that work. There are an estimated 11 million such workers doing 11 million jobs. Coincidentally, it is also reported that since Mr. Obama took office, some 9 million jobs have been lost. If these 9 million unemployed were to take the jobs currently filled by the 11 million undocumented workers, the unemployment problem would be solved, as well as the undocumented worker problem. With no jobs, they would go home.

Why does this not happen? Ms. Donovan claims that “many Americans are unwilling to do” those jobs. Why? Is it because they find the work distasteful, or that many find all work distasteful? It is rather that they make more by doing nothing and collecting government benefits. Is this fair to the workers who pay the taxes so the unemployed can enjoy their leisure while the undocumented do the work they should be doing?

McClellan Blair


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