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MICHAEL HARTLE: You don't own that!

on February 28, 2013 10:20 AM

It finally dawned on me that when our president says, “You didn’t build that” to business owners, what he was also saying was, “You don’t own that business, the government does.”

I am trying to figure out when, since the American Revolution, “we the people” gave our sovereignty and power to the federal government.

Do we not have a government of, by and for the people? Was there not fear that we would become another monarchy if the federal government became too powerful?

Did we not build a republic where the states have many rights as outlined in the 10th Amendment? Were not the rights of the federal government to be few and enumerated?

Did not some of the early founders of the republic write the “Federalist Papers” to calm those who had this fear, by stating that a federal government is only there to keep us from having multiple ambassadors and armies?

Why do we have all these federal agencies that overlap state agencies? Our federal government could be compared to machine that Doc Oc creates in the Spiderman movie, and which goes terribly wrong and sucks in everything, growing ever bigger and on the verge of destroying the city. Why do we let them tax us to block grant the money back to the states?

Looking at the long history of the world, the founders knew men are always corruptible and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so they brilliantly divided the powers of the government and purposely created a weak central government.

Now the machine is so large it is forcing pro-life colleges, businesses and churches to violate their God-given and First Amendment right of freedom of religion by forcing them to purchase insurance to cover employee’s elective abortion pills.

Calling the right to bear arms a privilege that must be covered by insurance, taxing ever more of your earnings and ignoring confirmed cases of voter fraud are the methods the federal machine uses to strip us of our freedoms.

Michael Hartle


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