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NANCY A. GEORGE: Higher taxes a burden for Homer-Center residents

on March 03, 2013 2:50 AM

This is an open letter to the Homer-Center School District Board of Directors and district taxpayers.

I am not sure what you are doing by raising our property taxes again, but you sure are right when you say this is “the worst-case scenario.” Are you trying to force those of us who are living on a fixed income — Social Security, no pension involved — into selling our homes because we cannot keep up with your idea of what is needed to run a school system?

In the real world, people have to work roughly five years before they get even a two-week vacation and only minimal holidays off. Let’s make these teachers work for their money and quit bowing to their demands of higher wages, paid hospitalization and getting paid extra for other jobs that they assist.

Why do we need several coaches and teacher aides? If they want paid for a whole year, then make them work during the summer just like all the rest of the labor force.

It’s time to quit using the loophole for raising taxes and bring it to the voters of the school district and see what they think. We are the ones who make it possible for you to even have the school, and it’s about time we had a say in what you are allowed to do.

We are not a private school run by private money. You need to learn to work within a specific budget like the rest of us and quit relying on federal and state money to run the school.

We are a depressed area and none of you seem to realize that.

We have very few businesses in the school district and need to keep this in mind. The old money is gone, and we are left to pick up the pieces.

I can’t come to you and say, “I’m sorry, I can’t pay my taxes this year because they are so high,” and you give me a free pass for this.

When they get turned over to the collection agency, interest is added and eventually, if l can’t make the payments, it is sold at sheriff’s sale for nonpayment of taxes.

I respect teachers, but this new breed wants and gets anything they want, and we are left to pay for it.

Nancy A. George

Homer City

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