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PATRICK CLARK: Someone has to pay for 'free' things in life

on April 24, 2013 10:59 AM

After reading Mrs. Kimberly Thomas’ April 7 letter, I believe I have to address the fallacies that have been created through the misdirection of her reading of Mrs. Phyllis Clark’s earlier letter.

Mrs. Clark made a simple comparison between “free breakfasts” and “free cyber schooling,” discussing how everything in life comes at a cost. No “free breakfast” problems were discussed.

Mrs. Thomas seems to have assumed that Mrs. Clark thought that the 70 percent tax increase over 10 years was partially due to the “free breakfast” program. Mrs. Thomas’s entire response is based on that one unrelated simple comparison between “free breakfast” and “free cyber schooling.”

The whole “free breakfast” program was an attempt to pay for every student’s breakfast. One might believe that this would run at a loss. Lo and behold, the entire program did cause debt.

Social programs are not bad things when they are implemented in the proper way.

For example, the welfare system is necessary to a certain degree to help people in a state of financial trouble, but if everyone in the country were put on that welfare system, the entire program would be bankrupt in the blink of an eye.

Mrs. Thomas had written, “Sadly, due to extreme funding cuts made by erroneous tax laws and our government’s various misguided budget cuts, these ‘free breakfasts’ are a thing of the past.” When you take in less than you spend, then cut the unnecessary parts of the budget.

Mrs. Thomas had also stated, “However, isn’t it ironic that during the time when there was a ‘free breakfast’ program ongoing, the Homer-Center High School was awarded a National Blue Ribbon of education excellence?”

Homer-Center was given that Blue Ribbon Award due to how well students performed in school. Yes, we were given the award at the same time we had the failed “free breakfast,” but what’s the correlation between the award and that abomination?

I am very optimistic of the future of Homer-Center School District when it is left in the obviously capable hands of Mrs. Thomas. Nothing in life is free. Someone has to pay for it.

Patrick Clark

Homer City

EDITOR’S NOTE: Patrick Clark is an 11th-grade student at Homer-Center High School and is a son of David and Phyllis Clark, the letter writer referenced in his letter.

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