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PAULA BYERS: Let Elderton residents have their school

on December 20, 2012 11:00 AM

On Dec. 27, the Armstrong School District (ASD) will hold a public hearing regarding the charter school application that was submitted to the district. The meeting will be at Lenape Elementary School in Ford City. Your attendance for support is greatly appreciated by those of the community.

Currently Elderton High School sits empty. The attached Elderton Elementary School is thriving!

After more than 40 years of turmoil, it is time to allow the Elderton community to have their high school to be used as a home for Everlasting Elderton Charter School, providing a public education for all who would like to attend.

ASD has continuously put the Elderton complex "on the back burner." The decisions of the current ASD school board majority show no plans for the EHS building. The community would have great use for the building -- it would not be empty.

There are plenty of you out there who supported the demise of EHS, so why not come out and support it going to the community?

Paula Byers

Plumcreek Township

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